How to Donate

Print Label

Print the charity specific freepost returns label using the link below.


Put your cartridges in a box and attach your FREEPOST* label and send it to us.

Feel Good

Once your cartridges have been processed we will send your donation directly to the charity.

To download a freepost label for this charity, please click the image below:

Download FREEPOST Label

Welcome to the Papworth Hospital Charity Recycling Page

Royal Papworth Hospital charity was created in order to support the ground-breaking work of Royal Papworth Hospital. With increasing pressures on NHS resources, the hospital charity plays a critical role in ensuring the Hospital continues to provide the highest standards of care. All while ensuring the development of new ways of treating heart and lung disease is supported.

Did you know that heart and lung diseases remain two of the biggest killers in the UK? It is estimated that 3.5 million men and women in the UK are currently living with cardiovascular disease.

The Royal Papworth Hospital has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients as well as helped shaped cardiothoracic medicine internationally. All of this made possible through the funding of the Papworth Hospital charity.

Since becoming a partner of the Papworth Hospital Charity, The Recycling Factory have donated over £400 but we don’t want it to stop there. So, please continue to recycle for the Papworth Hospital Charity and help us grow our partnership.

This recycling scheme for charities is a completely free of charge service. We donate 100% of the value of all inkjet cartridges, which are successfully recycled.

Only selected inkjet cartridges are eligible for a donation, therefore please ensure that you check to see if the cartridge that you intend to recycle is listed. If the inkjet cartridge is listed, simply click on the freepost downloadable label below and affix this to your own packaging.

The weight limit for the freepost label is 1kg, but don’t worry if you have multiple items that exceed the weight limit, you can split these into smaller packages and use another label.

If you would like to recycle laser toner cartridges, please contact us via info@trf-uk.com for more information.